Monday, 5 January 2009

Not everyone is in recession...

Have you stopped to think recently about the fallout of the current recession?

The government has slashed interest rates and unemployment is up, but this is not bad news for everyone.

If you're a policeman, fireman, doctor, or people in many other essential jobs, then you've got nothing to fear about losing your job, and no one's going to cut your income, but, right now, you've got it sweet!

That huge mortgage has shrunk no end, as interest rates have dropped hugely (I personally know people who are over £700/month better off, and I'm sure there are bigger winners).

Yes, while those who were until recently employed in the boom jobs of the retail sector are applying for every benefit they can get wondering if they're going to lose their house, there are some who are looking to that extra ski holiday, with holidays going for a song, and a stash of cash saved on their mortgage.

For those of us who aren't in that lucky position, we've got one consolation: they've still got to buy some Euro's for their food and ski passes, and the Euro just got mighty expensive!